49ers Will Beat Chiefs In Super Bowl, Predicts ESPN

49ers Will Beat Chiefs In Super Bowl, Predicts ESPN

49ers Will Beat Chiefs In Super Bowl, Predicts ESPN

The 49ers will beat the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, predicts ESPN.

Heading into Super Bowl LIV, the big question on everyone’s mind is who will ultimately emerge victorious.

Kansas City boasts arguably the most potent offensive attack in the NFL, whereas San Francisco has consistently had the most well-balanced defense.

Odds makers have this outing listed as a one-point game, with the Chiefs serving as slight favorites.

However, not everyone has Patrick Mahomes and Co. emerging with a win.

In a recent column, ESPN predicted that the Niners would win out on Sunday.

There were a few reasons for this, with a big one being Kansas City’s surprisingly weak defense against the run.

“In evaluating these two teams, though, there’s one significant weakness that stands out: the Chiefs’ run defense,” ESPN noted.

“Against most teams, the Chiefs are simply too devastating on offense for their 29th-ranked run defense to matter.

“The 49ers have feasted on those terrible run defenses in 2019, scoring 51 points on the 32nd-ranked Panthers, 31 points on the 30th-ranked Browns and 41 points on the 28th-ranked Bengals.

“Furthermore, if you were trying to build a defense for Shanahan to exploit in the passing game, you’d want to build one that was overmatched at linebacker and free safety.”

Essentially, to date, Kansas City just overcame all its weaknesses by scoring at a crazy rate offensively.

If the Niners are able to simply slow Mahomes down in this outing, which ESPN expects they will, then the Chiefs will suddenly look a lot more beatable.

Mind you, Mahomes does not need to be shut down completely. That would be impossible. Just slowed down.

ESPN ultimately sees this game ending 27-23, in favor of San Francisco.

Will the worldwide leader in sports’ faith in the 49ers ultimately be justified? We’ll find out once and for all this weekend.

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