49ers Waiving Jimmy Garoppolo, Signing Tom Brady

49ers Waiving Jimmy Garoppolo, Signing Tom Brady

49ers Waiving Jimmy Garoppolo, Signing Tom Brady

Are the 49ers waiving Jimmy Garoppolo and signing Tom Brady?

It sounds like a far-fetched scenario, but it is not.

San Francisco fell in heartbreaking fashion to the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV this past weekend.

The team’s defense did a tremendous job slowing down Chiefs quarterback for as long as they could, but eventually the dam broke.

Without question, the biggest reason why the Niners lost on Sunday was Garoppolo’s inefficiency.

That leads to the obvious question: is it time to dump him for a better option?

Garoppolo was briefly the highest paid quarterback in all of football when San Francisco signed him to a long-term deal. That said, the deal was an interesting one.

The former New England Patriots backup got $34.2 million guaranteed in 2018 at a cap hit of $37 million. In 2019, that number went down to $17.2 million guaranteed and a $19.9 million cap hit.

At this point, none of Garoppolo’s deal is guaranteed until April 1. If he ends up getting released before June 1, San Francisco would save roughly $22.5 million cap space.

What would the Niners do at quarterback if Garoppolo was cut?

Well, they could go out and recruit a highly sought after free agent in Brady.

Brady is an unrestricted free agent this offseason, and signing with his hometown 49ers would make a lot of sense.

To date Brady has been courted by the Los Angeles Chargers, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins and Las Vegas Raiders.

None of those organizations bring the sort of benefits to the table that San Francisco does.

Furthermore, when the 49ers and Patriots were discussing the Garoppolo trade initially, Brady was the guy San Francisco wanted originally.

“I’m not gonna deny that,” Lynch admitted.

“That did happen. He did shoot me down real quick. It was somewhat in jest, somewhat of being a smart-aleck as well. ‘OK, if you’re not going to give him up, what about Brady?’ He nearly stepped through the phone. It was a pretty visceral reaction from him. But, hey, you have to take your shot, right?”

This past week, Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless also suggested dumping Garoppolo for Brady.

“This is what I would do: I would cut Jimmy G and sign Tom Brady for 2 more years,” he said.

“Brady would live and love to go home. He started as a 49er fan in San Mateo.”

Will the Niners really be able to dump Garoppolo for Brady? It is hard to say.

Would the move make a ton of sense? Absolutely.

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  1. They need to keep Jimmy as a backup for Brady and let Brady teach him more bc this was Jimmy’s first yr actually playing as lead QB and just bc he goofed up some dosen’t make him bad it makes him someone who needs more time and teaching and a heart for learning. It would be 49s biggest mistake to let him go and not let brady continue to train him like he was when Jimmy was with the Patriots

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