49ers Fans Accuse Chiefs Of Cheating To Win Super Bowl

49ers Fans Accuse Chiefs Of Cheating To Win Super Bowl

49ers Fans Accuse Chiefs Of Cheating To Win Super Bowl

49ers fans accused the Chiefs of cheating to win the Super Bowl.

When it was all said and done, Kansas City defeated San Francisco 31-20 to win head coach Andy Reid the first Super Bowl of his coaching career.

The game was close for much of the outing, with the Niners and Chiefs switching off on who held control of the game.

That being said, one particular sequence has enraged San Francisco’s fan base.

With less than three minutes remaining in the showdown, Chiefs running back Damien Williams got the ball and ran it in for a touchdown to put his squad up 24-20.

The problem is, he appeared to run out of bounds before the ball crossed the plane.

A review of the play proved to be inconclusive and the touchdown stood.

The Chiefs went on to score once more and put the game away for good.

Afterward, many Niners fans accused Kansas City of cheating to win the game.

Did the Chiefs get away with a call that should not have gone their way?

That is for each individual football fan to figure out on their own.

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  1. Yes they cheated. It was obvious the nfl wanted them to win. That’s why ever time they scored a touchdown. It would cut to Kansas city. Never seen it cut to san Francisco when they scored.

  2. Yea I knew it was gonna be rigged as soon as it started it was all about Kansas City nothing about Niners I think the Niners did a good job the whole season didn’t deserve to go down like this shame on u guys who did this I hope u shit in bed tonight and roll in it!!bunch of assholes and cheats!!

    1. Awwwwwww, look at the angry 12-year-old so scared of his own sexuality that he has to say stupid shit like “faggy” on the internet. We get it bud, you like dick. Nobody cares.

  3. What a lot of Niner’s fan don’t want to accept is the fact that 1: The Niner’s choked; 2: Even IF the call was brought back, the Chiefs would have scored anyways; and 3: The Chiefs offense burned the Niner’s defense. So keep claiming the Chiefs cheated. It suits you Niner’s fans perfectly!!!

  4. That one play the chiefs stuck their hand in the niners helmet and no flag was called.

    The niners got a flag for wasting time and the cheifs did it twice in front of the ref and no flag was called so yes they cheated a lot.

  5. I do admit the ONE TOUCHDOWN should be not a touchdown but you guys cant go around and say it was rigged i bet u r also jealous we have future hall of famers and all u have is nick bosa and anywase we still would have beaten u forty whiners

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