3 Different Angles Of Joe Biden Falling Off His Bicycle (Video)

3 Different Angles Of Joe Biden Falling Off His Bicycle (Video)

President Joe Biden had something of a rough start to the weekend.

While riding on his bike past a group of supporters in Delaware this weekend, the POTUS decided to stop and acknowledge his fans.

Unfortunately, when he came to a halt, he didn’t figure his angle correctly and went tumbling down.

These three angles of the incident largely speak for themselves:

Reactions were largely what you would expect given the state of social media these days:

Hopefully President Biden is okay and recovers from this swiftly.

The office of the presidency has always been linked to the sports world for one reason or another.

Be it LaVar Ball helping President Biden defeat former President Donald Trump, LeBron James’ emphatic opinions on the former POTUS or NBA players contributing $27 million to ensure that felons would have the right to vote in the elections – the connection has been there pretty consistently.

This is just par for the course.

Will President Biden speak out on this incident any time soon?

Time will tell.

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