1 Team Emerges As Frontrunner For Hornets’ Gordon Hayward

1 Team Emerges As Frontrunner For Hornets’ Gordon Hayward

The Charlotte Hornets have made it something of an open secret in recent weeks that they are open to moving on from Gordon Hayward.

There was chatter of Hayward being included in a package that would bring Russell Westbrook to Charlotte, but the Los Angeles Lakers seem disinterested in that for obvious reasons.

As it turns out, though – the Hornets have another option available to them.

That option?

The New York Knicks.

“This is obviously a low point in value for Julius Randle and it is tough to trade a guy when that is the case,” reported “And the Knicks have been saying they want to keep him, they’re going to keep building around him, which is probably the right thing to say at this point. But it won’t take much to convince them to move him.

“They have a couple of problems, and so you need to find another team that is looking to move off a problem and they can do that with Charlotte if they take back Gordon Hayward.

“You can send Randle and Kemba Walker, get him back home, and take back Hayward and it is a respectable deal for everyone involved. The Knicks get back a star-caliber player, they get rid of Kemba’s contract. The team has had an interest in Hayward before, though that was before Leon (Rose) came on. The Hornets get a presence inside, but you’d have to work to get him to fit with LaMelo.”

Hayward and his wife have been in the headlines quite a bit in recent months, but not for any notable on-the-court accomplishments.

Because of that, it would certainly make sense for all sides involved to move on.

Will the Knicks ultimately take Hayward off the Hornets’ hands? Time will tell.

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